John Tesh

Intelligence for Your Life with John Tesh is powered by Cranbrook Orthodontics.

John Tesh and Intelligence For Your Life is heard weeknights from 7pm to Midnight on Summit 107.  Tips, advice and counselling on topics ranging from health, weight loss, diet and diabetes to home improvement, job interviewing, money, credit, relationships, marriage and more.

The impetus for “Intelligence For Your Life” was Tesh’s wife, actress Connie Sellecca, whose nightstand was covered with issues of Oprah’s Magazine, “O”. “We wanted to create a show for people like her, who don’t have time to read all that, but are interested in being better in everything they do,” Tesh says. “There is so much information out there, but not enough information about how to find it, and where to go with it.  So we curate all that information and present it on the radio".

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