William McKerrow Running in Cranbrook City Council Byelection

(Credit: William McKerrow)

McKerrow wants to bring more services to Cranbrook and ensure council is being fiscally responsible.

Having previously run for Cranbrook City Council in 2017's byelection and being unable to place a bid for 2018's general elections, McKerrow believes this spring's byelection is the perfect opportunity to get into the municipal government.

"I'm really passionate about public services and some of the erosion and lack of public services. I'd like to see council being able to work on having more accessibility for public services like daycare, seniors programming, doctors is a big issue here."

He currently works in mental health and addictions services in the Key City, believing that this experience gives him a great ability to listen and come up with solutions to long-running issues.

McKerrow has been going door-to-door in several areas of Cranbrook to hear what the people have to say and says he would take a similar approach to council.

One thing he says has been a common theme in these conversations is that residents are happy with the work the City of Cranbrook has done to repair roads, but not with the way it has been done.

"The residents I've been talking to over the last couple of weeks, they didn't like the fact that we were borrowing money at an interest rate and eroding the possible future for their kids and their grandkids growing up."

The 2019 Cranbrook City Council byelection started after Danielle Eaton announced her resignation from council back in January.

General voting day is May 11th.

Audio: William McKerrow

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