Sparwood Council Adopts Speed Reduction on Michel Creek Road

Michel Creek Road in Sparwood (Credit: Google Maps)

District of Sparwood Council has formally adopted its amendment for Michel Creek Road, reducing the speed limit from 60 km/h to 50 km/h, while designating the road as "Local Traffic Only" to reduce heavy truck traffic.

Giving three readings to the amendment of the Traffic, Parking, and Highways Regulation Bylaw late last month, Sparwood Council officially adopted the speed reduction this week.

"The speed limit has been dropped, this was as a result of concerns from those that live on Michel Creek Road and we thank those people on Michel Creek Road for bringing this concern forward," David Wilks told Summit 107, Mayor of Sparwood. "We're hoping that people will understand that this is a residential area and that we need to keep our speeds down and we have asked the RCMP to do some enforcement as well to ensure that the speeds are recognized."

Background: Sparwood Council Investigating Speed Limit Reduction on Michel Creek Road, Potential Truck Routes (January 25, 2019)

As part of the amendment, Sparwood Council also purchased two speed loggers to the tune of $4,600 which will be used around the community and along Michel Creek Road.

"They will be implemented as soon as we receive them, we haven't received them yet but when we do, we will certainly be putting at least one up on Michel Creek Road and it will allow the District of Sparwood to utilize them in problem areas from time to time," said Wilks.

During their last meeting of Council to discuss the topic, there was potential for the District of Sparwood to implement new truck routes to divert heavy truck traffic off of Michel Creek Road, but Council instead opted to designate the road as "Local Traffic Only".

"The challenge that we had is we recognized that we had inadvertently forgot that there was a business further down on Michel Creek Road, a logging truck business, and we had to make allowances for those logging trucks to get down there," Wilks told Summit 107.

Sparwood Council subsequently abandoned their 13,700 kg weight restriction on the road, and will instead look to local bylaw officers and the RCMP to enforce the new speed limit and the "Local Traffic Only" designation.

Audio: David Wilks, Mayor of Sparwood (on Michel Creek Road being a challenging road to manage)

Audio: David Wilks, Mayor of Sparwood (on dropping the weight restrictions)

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