SD5 Petitioning for Funding to Repair Mount Baker Secondary's Music and Drama Rooms

Although the province has already allocated funding for this year, the Southeast Kootenay School District believes they still have a shot to make the necessary renovations.

First opened to the public in the early 1950's, much of the high school still has its original roof, despite it being well past its "best before" date.

That is according to SD5's Secretary-Treasurer Rob Norum, who says the music and drama rooms, in particular, need a new roof.

"This is just a more extensive project, a more extensive repair to the roof, kind of a once-and-for-all thing to make sure it can survive the next 20-30 years."

Back in February, the adjoining Key City Theatre received $487,000 for roof upgrades thanks to a partnership between the school board, City of Cranbrook, Regional District of East Kootenay, and Columbia Basin Trust.

Norum says they originally wanted the funding to cover the repairs to the school as well, but the money was only given for the theatre.

After that announcement was made, SD5 turned to the provincial government for $382,000 for Mount Baker, but at that point, grants to school districts had already been finalized.

Regardless, the board voted to petition the province for the funding anyway.

"They felt that any upgrades to Mount Baker were important, and they decided that they would write a letter appealing and making a further request to provide the funding."

Even if they are unsuccessful in getting the money for this year, Norum is confident they will be able to make the repairs in 2019.

- David Opinko

Audio: Rob Norum, Secretary-Treasurer, School District 5

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