School Board Petitions Extending 70 km/hr Speed Limit Through Jaffray

The Southeast Kootenay School District believes this will greatly improve safety for students as they head to school.

SD5 has voted to write to the provincial Ministry of Transportation asking them to extend the 70 km/hr speed limit along Highway 3.

This would lower the current 100 km/hr speed zone on the eastern end of the community for 2.5 km and see the full highway speeds resume after the Sand Creek Bridge.

Jaffray-area School Board Trustee Krista Damstrom says this would make a big difference for student safety, considering that the bus frequently stops on the highway to pick kids up as they head to school.

"The bus has to stop probably three or four times in a short period of time, and there's a huge increase in truck traffic in our road there. Not many people do follow the 70 zone speed limit, so what we're hoping to do is extend that so we can actually get that slowed down."

She says she has heard from many parents over the years that this is a big concern.

Damstrom also wants to see more signage in the area since she claims that many vehicles drive all the way through Jaffray without ever slowing down to 70 km/hr.

It is not just the school board, however, that wants to see this happen, as she says the parent advisory committee (PAC) has taken a lot of the initiative on this matter.

"They've done a lot of background work on this, and one of the things they're doing is also reaching out to the businesses in town to have their support to try to get them to put letters of support forward as well as the one we have with the board and up a big package together that says, you know, all of these people on the highway frontage would really like to see a slowdown."

Damstrom says the onus is also on drivers themselves, believing that they need to do their part to ensure students are safe as they try to get to school.

Audio: Krista Damstrom, Trustee, School District 5

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