RCMP Still 'Actively Investigating' 2010 Unsolved Murders Near Cranbrook

Jeffrey Taylor and Leanne MacFarlane (Courtesy: Facebook)

7 years later, RCMP are continuing to investigate the unsolved murders of Leanne MacFarlane and Jeffrey Taylor.

On May 29, 2010 MacFarlane and Taylor were killed about 20 kilometres east of Cranbrook at a rural home in what was deemed a case of mistaken identity by RCMP.

Most recently in 2015, RCMP said that new forensic evidence could lead to new leads in the unsolved murders, but there has since been no publicly reported progress as of that update from then Cranbrook RCMP Sgt. Dave Dubnyk.

Now with Sgt. Hector Lee leading the Cranbrook RCMP detachment, Lee says there's not much new details he can provide other than saying there are police resources continuing to work the case.

"I arrived in fall of 2015 and all I can comment on that portion of it, as far as resources goes, is that Kelowna Major Crimes is working in conjunction with us and actively investigating this incident."

What's known about the murders is that MacFarlane and Taylor were shot and killed during a home invasion after having only lived on the rural property for a couple months.

Although Dubnyk said in 2015 that new information had surfaced, those specific details have yet to come to light.

Since the murders, hundreds have been interviewed by RCMP but there has been no arrests directly relating to the murders.

Despite what may seem to be a case gone cold, Lee ensures that RCMP are continuing to work the case and are still optimistic they can provide a positive update in the future.

"It's still an active homicide investigation," said Lee. "I obviously can't comment any more than that as I don't want to jeopardize anything that's revolving around this incident."

- Bradley Jones

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