No-Stopping Zone in Effect for Section of Kootenay National Park

Map showing the area effected by the no stopping zone. (Supplied by Parks Canada)

For those planning to head through Kootenay National Park over the long weekend, steep fines will be issued for those who stop during a certain section of the highway.

Parks Canada says the restrictions were put in place due to grizzly and black bears being in search of food after waking up for hibernation, claiming that they have been frequenting areas near the main road through the park.

The no stopping zone in en effect for Highway 93 South from McKay Compound near the Radium Hot Pools to the Settler's Road turnoff.

They believe that stopping creates traffic hazards that are dangerous to passing vehicles, increases the danger to wildlife through habituation to people and vehicles, and that increased traffic congestion to lead to wildlife being stuck on the road.

Penalties can range from $115 to $25,000.

Parks Canada says the only exceptions are for break check pullouts for vehicles that are legally required to stop for safety checks or if you stop at a designated trailhead parking lot.

The agency did not clarify how long the no stopping zone would be in effect for.

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