Law Firm Trying to Stop Jumbo Glacier Resort's Environmental Certificate from Being Reinstated

Credit: Wildsight

The group believes the proponent needs to go through the environmental certification process from the start.

After being told in 2015 that their certificate had expired, resort designer Pheidias Project Management announced that they are heading back to court this week, arguing that they believed they had achieved a "substantial" amount of construction before the deadline.

Wildsight and the Jumbo Creek Conservation Society have reached out to environmental law firm Ecojustice to prevent the environmental certificate from being re-issued.

"This assessment that it's based on is now 10 years out of date," says Spokesperson Alan Andrews. "Things have moved on, scientific understanding of the impacts that this project would have on grizzly bears, for example, has moved on. That's why it's really important that the courts uphold the law and prevent this project from going ahead based on outdated information."

He believes that the amount of construction that was done in the area west of Invermere is "absolutely minuscule", and therefore, he agrees with former-Environment Minister Mary Pollack's ruling that they had not met the requirements of the certificate.

As well, Andrews claims that Pheidias and Jumbo Glacier Resort violated some of the conditions that were laid out.

"One of the few things they actually did was pour some concrete slabs for some of the buildings. They actually poured them in the path of an avalanche in breach of an environmental assessment conditions. That's the other reason we're here intervening - we want to make sure that conditions laid down in environmental assessment certificates are actually complied with."

Andrews is arguing that the proponents should have to start the environmental assessment process from the start using modern technology and an improved understanding of the impacts the resort could potentially have.

- David Opinko

Audio: Alan Andrews, Spokesperson, Ecojustice

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