Kootenay-Wide Inter Community Business License Program Approved by Cranbrook City Council

(Credit: Kootenay Business)

This will pave the way for contractors, caterers, and other mobile business operators to work in up to 25 municipalities throughout the Kootenay region.

Cranbrook City Council voted last week to approve expanding the existing inter-community business license (ICBL) program that currently exists between the Cities of Cranbrook and Kimberley.

The expansion would include jurisdictions in the Cranbrook/Kimberley, Elk Valley, Columbia Valley, Grater Trail, West Kootenay, Boundary, and Slocan Valley regions.

Cranbrook Mayor Lee Pratt says the partnerships between their city and Kimberley has been a great success so far.

"It's a win-win for both communities and, I think with that result we have, spreading it out to 25 more communities is definitely a win-win for all those communities and those business people."

He explains that mobile business operators would only need to apply for one ICBL rather than having to get business licences for each community they want to be part of.

Since each business license comes with its own set of paperwork and fees, the City of Cranbrook estimates that this could reduce the "unnecessary administrative burden" for businesses by 56%.

"Provincial analysis indicates that only 276 or 8% of mobile businesses in the Kootenays purchased multiple licences, which suggests substantial lack of compliance, even considering the four different ICBL programs already in place," reads a document from Cranbrook City Hall.

The local government says they would get $100 for each ICBL issued for the Key City.

The Kootenay-wide ICBL program is expected to launch in January 2020, initially as a pilot project.

Audio: Lee Pratt, Mayor, City of Cranbrook

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