Junior Bandits Enter Final Weekend of Baseball Season

(Bradley Jones, Summit107.com staff)

The Cranbrook Junior Bandits officially close out their 2019 baseball season this weekend with an invitational tournament in Hamilton, Montana.

Opening action at the state invitational on Thursday, the Junior Bandits will go head-to-head with the Kalispell Lakers.

"There's two pools, eight teams, and a lot of the teams in the northwest that we've played are in it," said Paul Mrazek, Head Coach of the Cranbrook Bandits. "It's going to be a pretty tough tournament, that's for sure."

Following Thursday's contest, the Bandits will then take on the Glacier Twins and Missoula Mavericks on Friday before potentially advancing to the semi-final and final on Saturday and Sunday.

Several younger members of the Senior Bandits are coming down to play with the Junior Bandits over the weekend, while a handful of Junior players will join the Senior team in Libby next week for District Playoffs.

The state invitational formally concludes the Junior Bandits 2019 season while District Playoffs July 18th to 20th in Libby, Montana will mark the official end to the Senior Bandits 2019 Season.

Audio: Paul Mrazek, Cranbrook Bandits Head Coach (on roster movement before and after the state invitational tournament)

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