Funding Approved for Wildfire and Flood Mitigation Projects in Cranbrook

The 2017 St. Mary's River Wildfire near Canadian Rockies International Airport outside of Cranbrook. (Supplied by City of Cranbrook)

The City of Cranbrook was successful in getting two $100,000 grants for both wildfire and flood mitigation related projects.

Through the 2019 Community Resiliency Investment FireSmart Community Funding Program, the City of Cranbrook got $100,000 for "Multi-Year High Priority Fuel Treatment Projects on City Land".

Mayor Lee Pratt told Summit 107 that the $100,000 is a good start, but they are still awaiting word on a larger grant that would help with wildfire mitigation around the City of Cranbrook boundary.

"We were successful, it's pretty well a given deal now, every community gets $100,000," said Pratt. "The big one we're waiting for is we applied for a $500,000 grant to do a much bigger area surrounding the City so we're still waiting on that."

Pratt said that the $500,000 grant has been an ongoing consideration for the past four to five years, but no funding has been approved to move forward with the project.

Meanwhile, another $100,000 grant was given to the City of Cranbrook for "Flood Mapping and Creek Capacity Assessment".

"It encompasses Joseph Creek, Hospital Creek, Jim (Smith) Creek, and Elizabeth Lake and the storm-water management throughout the City," Pratt told Summit 107. "I mean, you see some of these big cloud bursts we get now, we have areas of concern so that's what that's addressing."

Awarded through Phase 2 of the National Disaster Mitigation Program, the City of Cranbrook will move forward with the study with the hopes of applying for additional funding to then complete the work.

"That money is so that we can do our investigation, our homework on it and then there will be more infrastructure grant money available through the government. But you have to prove to them what you've done, so that's what that grant is, to show that we've actually done the due diligence on it and now we need the money to fix it."

"You won't get that money to fix it if you haven't done the study," said Pratt.

It's expected that the City of Cranbrook will hear back on the $500,000 wildfire grant in coming weeks while the other two projects have funding and can now proceed.

Audio: Lee Pratt, Cranbrook Mayor (on flood mitigation funding)

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