Electoral Reform Referendum Enters Final Day with 40% Turnout

You have until 4:30 pm local time to submit your ballot that will decide what form future provincial elections should take.

As of Thursday morning, December 6th, Elections BC is reporting 1,335,000 voting packages being returned, which equates to a turnout of 40%. This does not include ballots that have been received by Canada Post but have not yet been transferred to the election officers.

A little over one-third of voters in the East Kootenay have done so, with Kootenay-East seeing a turnout of 35.8% (11,105), while 34.3% have put their name in for Columbia River-Revelstoke (8,643)

Residents are being asked in the referendum whether they would like to stick with the current first-past-the-post system of provincial elections or move to one of three forms of proportional representation.

The deadline was originally Friday, November 30, but due to the delays that Canada Post's strikes had on mail delivery, that was extended to this Friday.

Elections BC must receive completed voting packages by 4:30 pm local time on December 7th in order to be counted.

Votes can be counted much more quickly by giving them to any Service BC office. A full list of locations can be found here.

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