Driving Convictions in B.C. to Also Affect Optional Insurance Rates

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ICBC is introducing more changes to their insurance models, saying that poor drivers will face steeper penalties.

The Insurance Corporation of BC says they are making two changes to how driving infractions will impact motorists.

Effective September 1st, 2019, serious driving convictions like impaired driving, excessive speeding, and distracted driving will result in higher premiums to the driver's optional premium rates on the first offence.

Minor rates such as failing to stop or yield, speeding, and not wearing a seatbelt will only increase premiums if there are two or more convictions within a three year period.

"Using driving convictions to price optional insurance is long overdue. It's an important change that will benefit the vast majority of British Columbians, and is part of a series of changes we're making to evolve B.C.'s insurance system so that it works for our province," says ICBC President and CEO Nicholas Jimenez. "This will make sure that higher-risk drivers are held accountable for their decisions by providing a financial incentive for them to improve their driving."

As well, September will see ICBC move to a basic insurance model that is more "driver-based", meaning that crashes will follow the driver and not the vehicle.

ICBC believes this will help to keep drivers accountable for their behaviour on the road.

An estimated 10% of ICBC customers have two or more minor driving infractions or have been convicted of a serious driving offence over the last three years, yet the insurance provider says the pay the same for optional insurance coverage as someone with no prior offences.

These changes are in addition to the ones that went into effect on April 1st, 2019. More details here, while upcoming changes can be viewed here.

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