District of Sparwood Aims to Extend Water Services with $7-Million Project

(Credit: BritishColumbia.com)

Sparwood council is applying for significant grant funding to ensure all areas of the community have a clean and reliable source of water.

Mayor David Wilks says council approved a grant application to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program Rural and Northern Communities.

This would allow them to complete the water looping and water mains for the Douglas Fir to Highway 3 area, Douglas Fir Road, Middletown to the main section of the community, and Matevic Road to Highway 43.

"It provides a better system in place so that we can have a flow-through water system rather than dead-ending our water. It'll also provide water down Douglas Fir, which has not been there since inception."

The District was originally considering a larger-scale initiative that would also see water services being improved at the wastewater treatment plant, but council decided that it would have been too expensive to do all at once. That work is now being planned for a later date.

Wilks says the water looping and water mains will cost the District approximately $871,000 of its own dollars, while the grant, if successful, would cover the remaining amount of the $7-million project.

He hopes to hear back on the grant application in the next couple of months.

Assuming they are able to secure funding, work would start and potentially finish in 2019.

Audio: David Wilks, Mayor, District of Sparwood

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