Dale Shudra Announces Bid for Kootenay-Columbia Federal Conservative Candidacy

Credit: Dale Shudra

The Radium resident hopes to become the riding's next MP, representing the Conservative Party of Canada.

Shudra says he has closely aligned himself with the federal conservatives since he was in his early 20's, and even helped to lead BC Liberal Doug Clovechok to a provincial victory in 2017.

While he believes anyone locally representing the conservatives in 2019 would be a great choice, he thinks he is the best pick to represent the party.

"I've got a legal and business background and have spent a lot of time helping people analyzing issues. I think, between the training and working experience I have - a lot of what an MP does is legislative-based and a lot of it is casework - and analytical skills and hard work are useful in both those areas. I think that is what I bring to the table."

Although Shudra did not delve too deeply into his personal political beliefs, he claims the current Liberal government is focusing too heavily on "distraction" issues like a potential change in voting systems.

If he were to be selected as the local conservative candidate and win the 2019 election, he says he would place more of an emphasis on the economy.

"The important issues, I think for most Canadians, are the issues that affect their taxes and wellbeing and those are things like NAFTA and softwood lumber disputes and issues like that. Of course, the big one right now is the pipeline dispute and I think more attention needs to be given to those issues because, at the end of the day, they really are more important to most Canadians."

Shudra recently ran for council in his hometown of Radium in late 2016 / early 2017, where he lost by the most narrow margin in the community's history.

While he was disappointed in the result, Shudra says it really motivated him to work harder on his upcoming federal campaign.

Robert Morrison is the only other person to declare their intentions to become Kootenay-Columbia's conservative candidate next year.

Elections Canada says the vote will take place October 21, 2019.

- David Opinko

Audio: Dale Shudra

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