Creston Woodlot Reportedly Found Not Replanting Trees

A woodlot near Creston was caught in a recent audit, reportedly not doing enough to replant the trees it cuts down.

While it passed all other tests with flying colours, Tim Ryan, the Chair of the Forest Practices Board, says Woodlot 437, which is just east of Creston, was not compliant with BC's reforestation rules.

Ryan says the lot was dinged for two similar infractions.

"One in terms of the types of trees and the number of trees that were being replanted on the sites that were harvested, and secondly, the growth of those trees over time to ensure that there is a healthy crop of regenerated trees growing back on that site again."

Ryan says reforestation is a matter that the government takes very seriously.

He cannot issue any fines against the company, but he made a couple of recommendations to the government to make up for it.

"That they update the numbers that they have achieved into the government's database, so number one, the government can become aware that the licensee has not met their reforestation obligations on those gut blocks. Secondly, that the licensee develop a plan to address the reforestation of those areas."

The audit was conducted between September 2013 and September 2015.

- David Opinko

Audio: Tim Ryan, Forest Practices Board Chair

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