Cranbrook RCMP Cpl. Mitch Mercier Wrapping up Peacekeeping Duty in Ukraine

Corporal Mercier has been having a hands-on role in helping to modernize Ukraine's police force.

August 9 is National Peacekeeping Day in Canada and Cranbrook RCMP are reflecting on the experiences one of their own officers is having.

Staff Sergeant Hector Lee says Mercier was deployed to Eastern Europe almost a year ago.

"Most of the deployments focus on training and community policing. The reform efforts are designed to just assist the national police in Ukraine transform into a more modern, accountable, and transparent police service."

During his time overseas, Lee says the local officer has been acting as an instructor.

"Being Canadian and having a background in Canadian policing, he'll certainly bring a different flavour or different perspective to the national police force in the Ukraine. I think his efforts certainly won't go wasted or unnoticed and I think he's having a big impact there."

On the other hand, Cranbrook's Sergeant feels the experience goes the other way as well, believing that his time in Ukraine will help to make him a better RCMP officer going forward.

Lee says the entire detachment is proud of Mercier's commitment to global peace and making worldwide policing efforts safer and more effective.

Although he is not sure of the exact time, Lee says Mercier should be coming to Cranbrook fairly shortly.

- David Opinko

Audio: Hector Lee, Staff Sergeant, Cranbrook RCMP

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