Cranbrook City Council Reviews Bylaw Enforcement

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Potential improvements could be on the way for several City of Cranbrook bylaws and their subsequent enforcement following a recent report from staff to City Council.

Cranbrook City Council requested a formal report from staff back on March 11th on the procedure and intent of the City's administration of bylaw complaints.

At their most recent meeting on April 8th, Cranbrook City Council received the report as information.

The overall feelings from City Council were that they wanted to clarify the City's response to bylaw complaints and try to streamline resolutions to recurring bylaw issues.

"There's some bylaws that are written that they put in that bylaw every possible thing known to man happening and let's face it, seven out of those ten things aren't going to happen in Cranbrook, so why is it in there," said Mayor Lee Pratt. "It becomes prohibitive then for looking at the regulation and adhering to it and it also looks at the bylaw officer having to make that call on all of those items when common sense says they shouldn't be there."

More: City of Cranbrook Bylaw Enforcement Report (Courtesy: City of Cranbrook)

"Let's have a look at some of these bylaws and trim them down to what they should be and if they're not enforceable then let's not have them," Pratt told Summit 107. "That's the bottom line, why are we spinning our wheels, if we can't enforce them, don't have them."

Pratt would like to simplify various bylaws within the City that contain additional or unneeded details. The Mayor also wants to focus the efforts of bylaw officers to resolve complaints expeditiously rather than having to deal with recurring or lingering complaints.

According to the City of Cranbrook, an average of about 20 to 30 bylaw complaints are received every day. Of those 20 to 30 daily complaints, about 10 of them require action or enforcement, while another one to two complaints requires further research and prolonged response from bylaw officers.

Wanting to review some of the more complicated and complex bylaws, Pratt knows there are too many to count, but hopes that City Council can work alongside bylaw staff to clarifying their enforcement of the City's regulations.

"It's pretty hard for us to go through them all but they can help that," Pratt told Summit 107. "When they get a complaint and they look up that bylaw and they think, well this is crazy, well bring it to our attention and let's deal with it. That's one way to do it, but it takes some information coming back to us from them."

Although receiving the report for information, the City of Cranbrook has not formally made any concrete changes to procedures or enforcement or received further direction from City Council.

Audio: Lee Pratt, Cranbrook Mayor (on bylaw complaint response)

Audio: Lee Pratt, Cranbrook Mayor (on clarifying complicated bylaws)

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