Cranbrook Chamber Launching Sustainability Checklist, #KootenayCares

(Credit: Cranbrook Tourism)

The Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce wants to help businesses become more sustainable and share the stories of those who have made progress.

Monday, April 22nd is Earth Day, and in the spirit of that, the local Chamber of Commerce wants to know what local companies are doing to help the environment.

Their new sustainability checklist will allow business owners to calculate a score out of 30 based on what they are currently doing or plan to do to make their operations more sustainable. This includes strategies from the company's leadership, social and cultural beliefs, environmental impacts, and how all of these measures factor into the company's finances.

The goal is to compare the organization's scores year-over-year to see how much of a difference they are truly making and to give them ideas for what else can be done.

Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kristin Parsons says many entrepreneurs are already going great work in this regard, but are not always communicating this effectively, and therefore, might not be reaping the financial benefits of it.

This is why they want to promote "KootenayCares".

"#KooteanyCares is a hashtag that we're using to promote on social media. It'll also be, eventually, a website. We've purchased the websites and .com. Right now, they're being directed to the Chamber where we'll be providing a space to really promote what our local community is doing in the community, as well as some resources for those who want to do more in sustainability."

She says what it means to be sustainable and how that can be achieved can be different in the East Kootenay than it would be in the Caribou or any other part of the province, so they want to be sharing local success stories that can not only help the company in question but inspire others as well.

The Kootenay Cares websites will launch after further consultations with businesses as to what exactly they want to see it include.

"Is our business community interested in having the conversation around sustainability, and are they interested in having assistance from professionals to mentor them through the process to provide confidential audits on their businesses and really look at ways they can improve?"

The sustainability checklist will be available at the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce's website in a couple of days.

Audio: Kristin Parsons, Executive Director, Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce

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