Construction Values in Kimberley Surpasses 2016 'Banner Year'

Credit: City of Kimberley

New and renovated homes are once again on the rise in Kimberley.

From January to the end of September 2017, the city reports total project values at more than $10,303,000.

That includes a total of 174 permits issued (17.2% increase) and 30 new dwellings (16.7%).

Mayor Don McCormick says this is now the third year in a row with significant growth.

"It look like we'll substantially pass last year's fairly substantial building permit number of $11 million. I wouldn't be surprised to see us in the $12-13 million mark, and that's a level that Kimberley hasn't seen since 2006."

In the first nine months of 2016, total project values were around $9.9 million and $7.9 million in 2015.

By far the area of construction that has grown the most this year is renovations to single family dwellings.

"We're finding that Kimberley is a very attractive place for people to come and want to live. We've got a lot of people that work in Cranbrook and want to live in Kimberley. We have a lot of really good things going for us right now and I'm very optimistic that we'll be able to keep that going in 2018."

Going forward, McCormick believes more needs to be done to attract businesses to the city and encourage companies already in Kimberley to further expand their operations.

He says there are a few commercial projects that are still being finalized that he believes will be of great benefit to the community and help it to grow.

- David Opinko

Audio: Don McCormick, Mayor, City of Kimberley

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