Community Connections Accepting Tent & Sleeping Bag Donations to Help the Homeless

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Given the current housing situation in Cranbrook, Community Connections Society of Southeast BC is looking at other ways of helping those who do not have a roof over their heads.

The group is putting out a call for any new or gently-used tents or sleeping bags.

Executive Director Gwen Noble says it would be great to be able to simply put everyone in a home, but given how few units are available or affordable in Cranbrook, that might not be feasible.

"What we do know, hearing from people coming in our building, is that there isn't any. I mean, there's very few vacancies, and as you know, there was a fire last week and so then that was a couple of other houses that people either need to rebuild or find somewhere else to live as well."

A report released last December found that there were at least 29 people who were homeless in the Key City, but due to factors like some people not wanting to be counted, the actual number could be higher. More details here.

Noble estimated that, in reality, there are probably at least 50 people in the community who do not have a reliable place to stay at night, adding that while tents are not the ideal solution, it would still go a ways in helping those in need.

Depending on how many donations Community Connections gets, they might give some of them to other groups like Street Angels or the Salvation Army that help people who are homeless.

She says these agencies tend to run out of any donations they receive fairly quickly.

Audio: Gwen Noble, Executive Director, Community Connections Society of Southeast BC

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