College of the Rockies Launching Campus-Wide Food Composting Program This Fall

(Photo: Bradley Jones)

The College of the Rockies hopes to take organic food waste from across their Cranbrook campus and put it to good use.

During a Chamber of Commerce panel discussion about sustainability in business this week, the College's (COTR) Business Program Coordinator Greg McCallum talked about the efforts their school has and will be taking to promote sustainability for the "people, planet, and profitability".

Thanks to a recent $30,000 grant from Columbia Basin Trust and a matching contribution from COTR itself, McCallum says they are planning to buy a new industrial composting machine.

"The idea being that all the waste produced from our culinary programs, from our cafeteria, from our staff offices and lunchrooms will all go into this industrial composter."

During a typical school day, he estimates that this will reduce the amount of food going into the landfill by around 60 lbs per day.

The compost will then be spread around the College's fields and be used as a form of fertilizer.

McCallum says the COTR hopes to be a community leader through this effort and inspire similar initiatives.

"We really needed to look at the psychology of people and how people reward and recognize good practices and how they emulate that if they have a good example. We at the College hope to be that example and other businesses in the community will emulate what we're doing."

After an initial trial phase in August, McCallum hopes to have the new composting initiative up and running across the Cranbrook campus this September.

Audio: Greg McCallum, Business Program Coordinator, College of the Rockies

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