City of Kimberley to Develop Infrastructure Master Plans

Funding from the federal Gas Tax fund will allow the city to prioritize future infrastructure work.

Kimberley council voted this week to execute a funding agreement with the Federal Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund where the municipality will be fully funded for their Integrated Infrastructure Capital Plan.

Mayor Don McCormick says is great news since there is still a lot of work to do to improve the city's infrastructure.

"What this grant will allow us to do is to do a complete analysis requirements over time and allow us to prioritize where we will be spending our infrastructure money so that we can get a much better bang-for-our-buck early on and not have to wait for something to break before it's fixed."

Typically, he says infrastructure projects are chosen based on "emotions", or, what you already know and feel most comfortable doing.

The master plans will focus on using science, meaning only the projects with the highest priority will make the top of the list.

This grant would allow the city to make 20-year master plans for their water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater systems.

Prior to getting the study done, McCormick says the first thing on the top of his mind to work in would be to replace or repair the city's fleet.

"It doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't life left in that equipment that would allow us to look at other asset classes for priority investment. This is one example of how we can use this particular analysis to best prioritize where we spend the money."

The City of Kimberley will receive $183,350 for the project. McCormick was not sure when this work will begin.

- David Opinko

Audio: Don McCormick, Mayor, City of Kimberley

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