City of Cranbrook Warning of Email Scam

Some residents are getting emails from what is supposedly the City of Cranbrook, but the municipality says that is not the case.

UPDATE: The City of Cranbrook says the emails were actually sent from their new auto-software. More details here.

The City says they are aware of an email scam that has been circulating the community.

The messages claim that a recent payment to the City could not be processed.

One resident posted on Facebook a screenshot of the email she received, which reads as follows:

"To whom this may concern: We hope this letter finds you well. We are writing to inform you that your recent payment was unable to process. Please contact us if you need to update the payment method that we have on file. If this payment has already been made, please disregard this notice."

"Thank you,"

"City of Cranbrook"

Upon clicking on the "City of Cranbrook" name on the email, the address read "".

The actual City of Cranbrook could not confirm how many messages like this one were sent out.

However, the local government stresses that these emails are not legitimate.

"If any payments made to the City could not be processed, the City of Cranbrook would send residents a letter through the regular mail. The City of Cranbrook will not contact you by email," the City of Cranbrook wrote to Summit 107.

The City is advising residents to be cautious of these types of email scams and to not provide personal, banking, or credit card information.

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