City of Cranbrook Awards Engineering Contracts for Tembec Lands Development

C&C Wood Products on the City of Cranbrook's former Tembec Lands (David Opinko, staff)

The City of Cranbrook is moving forward with the development of the recently acquired Tembec Lands, signing contracts for the engineering, and casting a vision for the future of the property.

Lee Pratt told Summit 107 that Cranbrook is getting a lot of interest from outside developers looking to utilize lots on the Tembec Lands for their specific industry.

"The couple leases that we do have led on that property is created approximately 40 new jobs in Cranbrook, just there alone with two entities," said Pratt. "You look at that, filling it up, and we're hoping to attract new industry, new development, light manufacturing, there's all kinds of things we're looking at right now that we have irons in the fire."

SNC Lavalin was awarded the contract for Environment Engineering, Urban Systems was awarded the contract for Civil and Transporation Engineering, while VAST Resource Solutions was awarded the contract for Geotechnical Engineering.

The City of Cranbrook said SNC Lavalin will undertake a Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation to fill any gaps and chart out a plan to address any environmental issues which would need to be completed in order for development to occur. Urban Systems will complete the Transporation Plan by fall 2019 while the final Civil Design will be complete by fall 2020. Other civil utilities such as water, sewer, and storm sewer could be installed in the summer of 2020 while road construction and shallow utilities will be built in 2021 at the earliest. Lastly, VAST Resource Solutions will complete the geotechnical survey before the end of summer 2019, providing a framework for the City of Cranbrook to move forward with prospective development on the plots of land.

"We'll probably develop it looking at maybe like five-acre lots but with the ability to, if you want 15 acres, you can take three and then we'll service it accordingly," said Pratt. "It will be very flexible because we want to make sure that we can accommodate whoever has a real interest to be there."

Pratt told Summit 107 that if a major development wanted to utilize the space, they would work with all three contractors to try and move up the timeline as they want to begin development of the Tembec Lands as swiftly as possible.

"We're okay with what the contracts are now but if we have to ramp it up we will definitely be talking to those people to say, can we do it quicker, because we want to get that developed and get going."

The current concept plan for the Tembec Lands would include 13 lots of various sizes for prospective development, which the City of Cranbrook would utilize through lease agreements on the land, collecting recurring revenue for the municipality.

Audio: Lee Pratt, Cranbrook Mayor

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