Biker Charged by Grizzly Bear on Trail Near Mayook

The biker is said to have suffered minor injuries in the incident on the Chief Isadore Trail.

The Chief Isadore Trail Facebook page says a man was biking along the trail Tuesday evening 6 km away from the Ha Ha Road Trailhead.

He was reportedly scouting out a route for the BC Epic 1000 from Merrit to Fernie when he encountered a sow grizzly and two cubs around the 26 km post.

The mama bear charged at the biker and got close to him. Fortunately, he was able to use the bear spray he was carrying with him.

The animals ended up running away, but the man was thrown off of his bike and sustained minor injuries. 

Chief Isadore Trail writes that his cell phone battery was dead at the time, so he had to walk down the Baker Forest Service Road and down to the highway where he was picked up by a local resident.

When travelling along the trails, the group says to always carry bear spray, make noise while riding, travel in groups, and especially if you are riding solo, have a backup battery for your phone.

Note: This story was originally posted with a headline saying the incident was near Wardner.

- David Opinko / with files from Chief Isadore Trail

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