Bears Accessing Garbage in Fernie Prompt Strong Public Reminder

(Supplied by WildSafeBC)

In an aim to prevent future encounters with bears, WildSafeBC Elk Valley is imploring residents to store their garbage and recycling indoors.

WildSafeBC Elk Valley is harping on the importance of the practice after bears were recently seen accessing garbage that was recently left outside along Fernie's Slalom Drive.

As a result of the recent incident, WildSafe BC Elk Valley said residents need to take responsibility.

"For the safety of your kids and pets keep garbage indoors until collection day."

WildSafe BC Elk Valley said that if residents have a small home and don't have a garage or shed, they can take their garbage to the bear-resistant community bins located at the Fernie Aquatic Centre, Memorial Arena, City Hall or Max Turyk Community Centre.

"If you have no vehicle to do this, hopefully family, friends or a neighbour can help you with this," said WildSafe BC Elk Valley. "The end result will be a cleaner and safer community for everyone."

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