Andrew Scheer Wins Federal Conservative Leadership Race

Saskatchewan MP Andrew Scheer is the new Official Opposition Leader after claiming victory in the Conservative Party's leadership race over the weekend.

Andrew Scheer, a Saskatchewan MP, and former House Speaker under former Prime Minister Stephen Harper is now the new leader of the federal Conservative Party.

Scheer won the party's leadership race on Saturday in a 13th ballot to narrowly beat out Quebec MP and front runner Maxime Bernier.

Scheer who is 38 and a father of five is promising to keep the party true to its roots, working for average Canadian families and not "Ottawa insiders."

The new Tory leader is expected to gather with fellow members of Parliament and senators on Parliament Hill on Monday for the first time since his leadership win.

He will also make his question period debut in the House of Commons as Leader of the Opposition.

Scheer becomes the first Conservative leader from Saskatchewan since former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. 

- Tom Roulston

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