$19.1-Million in Capital Projects Being Undertaken in Sparwood in 2019

(Credit: Columbia Basin Trust)

This year looks to be a significant one for the District of Sparwood when it comes to capital infrastructure.

Between purchasing new equipment, making improvements to infrastructure, and planning for future work, Mayor David Wilks believes they are looking ahead to a busy 2019.

He says this year will be all about fulfilling the wishes of the previous council and 2018's municipal elections saw Wilks become the new mayor and three new councillors being sworn into office.

"While it certainly provides council with some understanding that we're committed on the previous council's decisions on what they wanted to do, so we're going to move forward with those and clean the slate so to speak in 2019 so we can move forward with additional projects in 2020, 2021, and 2022."

The priciest item on the agenda is engineering work on the roads, water, and sewer for the Whiskey Jack Golf Resort. Altogether, these projects are forecast to cost nearly $5.5-million.

From there, funding for $1.75-million in upgrades to the transfer station intersection will be split between the developer and the district, with taxpayers footing $320,000 of the bill.

"I think both projects are overdue, but for good reason because of the Middletown Crossing, and now that we've got that large project out of the way, we can focus on completing other projects that were put on the back burner."

While Wilks admits that over $19-million in capital projects might sound like a lot, around $11.9-million that was budgeted for projects in 2018 is being carried forward.

Other capital projects on the books for 2019 include:

  • Equipment purchases - $2,896,000
  • Parks and recreation (Sparwood Heights Multipurpose Pas and Dog Park) - $140,000
  • Engineering:
    • Highway 3/43 Middletown Crossing - $330,000
    • Pedestrian bridge lighting - $390,000 over four years
    • Gravel pit development - $200,000
    • Street repaving - $800,000 every two years
    • Electronic colour banner - $58,000
    • Douglas Fir Looping - $871,000 if grant application successful
  • Water:
    • Water SCADA - $230,000
    • Well #4 - $250,000
    • Water infrastructure upgrades - $315,000 every three years
  • Sewer:
    • Sewer SCADA - $285,000
    • Infiltration Reduction - $215,000
    • Buckthorn lift station replacement - $385,000
    • Ras Pump Chamber Replacement - $308,000

Audio: David Wilks, Mayor, District of Sparwood

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